Moving across the country can be exhausting, but even more so for children. After buying a home in this lengthy process, there will be a seemingly endless list of tasks to accomplish as you move, and children can get rattled as their world changes. Once you arrive at your new location, it’s crucial to help your children adjust in while you face a mountain of boxes to unpack. Moving may be a crazy process, but there some ways to help your child adjust smoothly.

Keep your children involved and plan ahead

Moving a great distance can be a rattling experience for kids of all ages. They have to say goodbye to their home, friends, and teachers and they are facing a host of unknowns. Netdoctor suggests talking with your child about the upcoming move early and often, keeping the discussions short. Answer questions as they arise as honestly as you can and give them time to process the upcoming changes.

One of the many changes your kids will face is a new school or daycare. It can be difficult to choose a new place from a distance, so ask your real estate agent, friends, family, or co-workers in your new city for recommendations. A lot of research can be done online, and creating a list of what you need in a new school or care center can help you narrow down the options. Whittle down your list of potential choices ahead of the move so that you can visit in-person upon your arrival and make a final decision.

Include kids throughout the moving process so they have some sense of control over what is happening. Find tasks they can help with, even if sometimes it would be easier to do it yourself. While you will want to be flexible with your children throughout the process, maintaining regular mealtime and bedtime routines as much as possible can help your kids transition smoothly.

Give children some control and make things familiar right away

One of the best ways to help a child adjust to a new home after a big move is to give them plenty of control over how their new room looks. You may want to arrange the new room in the same layout as their old room if possible so it feels familiar. Child Mind Institute suggests giving your child some input on what color to paint the walls or what theme to use in decorating so that they are quickly invested in the new space.

Once all of your boxes are unloaded into your new place, you face the exhausting task of unpacking. Be A Fun Mom notes that you will need to prioritize your unpacking, perhaps focusing on organizing your child’s room first. Then, focus on family necessities like kitchen items, bedding, and clothing.

Utilize a storage facility to minimize clutter

Separate low-priority boxes to unpack and hire help to put those in storage for a while. A never-ending mountain of boxes can be overwhelming for children and they can leave you feeling frenzied. Instead of tackling everything at once, cut out unnecessary clutter during your family’s adjustment period by moving things you don’t need right away off-site.

Moving across the country can be a jarring experience for children. Parents can help kids adjust by talking about the move ahead of time and finding ways to give them some control over what is happening. Set their room up in a familiar way and consider moving some boxes to storage to unpack later. Settling in may still take a while, but a few easy steps can have a big impact on how easily your kids transition to their new home.